About Us

In this likely or unlikely competitive era, we want our children to excel in academia and other co-curricular activities, which will enhance their personality to face the outer world. The utmost concern for every parent is providing education for their child in the best school.

As quoted by the famous educational reformer, John Dewey, "a problem well put is half solved". With this as our major driving force, we have recognized the problem faced by most of the parents and are pleased to introduce SKOOLPIK as a solution.

Skoolpik is one such platform which brings in all the stakeholders of education at one place. It focuses on the practical aspects of helping parents in decision making with regard to the education of their child, be it mid-school, preschool, nursery or any other co-curricular activities. It helps in bridging the gap between the education sector and parents by improving the medium of communication.

We are a pack of enthusiastic, well informed and highly motivated individuals, experienced in various industries such as IT/ITE's, marketing and auditing, willing to plug in all the players in the field of learning and education. Thereby helping us grow and become a popular aggregator of all educational services in one arena.

As they say 'dirty hands are a sign of clean money' likewise, our marketing strategy is 'dirt your hand with hard work without compromising on customer service and satisfaction, whilst ensuring clean marketing and reep benefits from the same.

We provide services at your fingertips, to make decision making an easy task in this fast paced lifestyle. We have all the information required by the parents and educational sectors under one platform.

We invite you to collaborate and join hands with us, while we take one step at a time to shape our country and its responsible citizens by nurturing a productive and creative generation.