General FAQs:

Query: Who can use SkoolPik?

Answer: SkoolPik has 4 major actors: Schools, Parents, Tutors and Vendors. To know who can be the actors: Schools are the ones who are given a placeholder to present themselves; Tutors are the ones who can be an individual or institution that does teaching anything related to curricular/co-curricular OR academic/non-academic related learning. Parents are the ones who want to search for Schools/Tutors etc.

The 4 Players Together Constitutes Skoolpik...

Query: So, How should I sign up to access general services?

Answer: For searching Schools/ Pre-Schools, Nursery, Tutors-Do sign up as Parents. Its open, free and follows a simple process mentioned below.

FAQs for Parents:

Query: How can Parents use SkoolPik?

Answer: Parents can do basic search for Schools, Pre-Schools, Tutors etc in SkoolPik. But to look into complete details (where some of the fields etc are hidden), the parents has to register himself with SkoolPik.

Query: How Parents can register in SkoolPik?

Answer: Its way too simple!!
* Just Go to Sign-up section in Home Page.
* Furnish your Name, Mobile number and email id and proceed to receive OTP.
* Authenticate with OTP and you are in and enjoy services of SkoolPik.

Query: Is there any restriction to use SkoolPik?

Answer: No, anyone can use SkoolPik without login, but there will be some services which might be hidden. To enjoy full-fledged services of SkoolPik, it's suggested to sign-up as Parent.

Query: What types of search can I (parent) do?

Answer: Parents can search two types:

* Location based search: Do share your location in the browser/app and search.
* Name based search: If you know the Name of the institution, then select Name from drop-down and input the name and search.

For all of the above, Parents can search for below by selecting one of the following radio buttons:

* Schools: This will search for Schools.
* Pre-Schools/Nursery: This will search for Pre-Schools/Nursery.
* Tutors: This will search for Tutors for curricular/co-curricular activities for individuals/institutions that do mentoring.

Query: I am a Vendor who provides accessories/inventories, How can I use SkoolPik?

Answer: Vendors plays a very important role in the Life Cycle of running an educational institution. Hence, if you are a Vendor who is involved in procurement of any inventory related to learning or education. Please contact SkoolPik support for more information. SkoolPik will ensure you become valuable player earning business for yourself too.

Query: I am a Tutor who does coaching in particular area, Can I be a member of SkoolPik or Can I use SkoolPik?

Answer: Certainly. Tutor who does coaching for any curricular/co-curricular subject/activity can register oneself as Tutor with SkoolPik. Please contact SkoolPik support for more information. SkoolPik will ensure you become valuable player earning business for yourself too.

Query: Who is a Tutor in SkoolPik?

Answer: Tutor is an individual or an institution who teach/tutor/mentor a curricular/co-curricular activity. This is a placeholder where all these tutors come into picture so that they get search-able/reachable to general audience (Parents for instance).

Query: Who is Vendor in SkoolPik?

Answer: Any individual or institution who sells any inventory related to learning be it a curricular related like book etc or co-curricular like any musical instrument, Cricket bat etc can become vendor in SkoolPik.